-I’m a photographer, but I don’t know what type of photographs I should take. I like to find beauty in imperfections. I thoroughly believe in etiquette and deportment, and I think the world needs to be more polite. I eat massive amounts of pastries and enjoy parties. I love martinis, adore driving in cloudy raine days, appreciate boring social gatherings, but hate boring people. I’m fond of museums, coffee, chocolates, smoking, taking fat naps, secrets and I LOVE THE ARMONICA. I also make books and I can’t sleep.

-I live in West Los Angeles, and Cerritos, But I'm always in Fullerton CA.

-Please be 18 and older to view this blog, its not dirty, but artistic.

-Not all images are mine.

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#summer (Taken with Instagram at Cal State Fullerton Quad (CSUF))

#summer (Taken with Instagram at Cal State Fullerton Quad (CSUF))